We provide Etona EC-3 Cassette StaplersSpare Parts and Refills such as the Etona HDC Cassettes and Cartridges, the pre-loaded, color coded staple cartridges for easy swapping between different staple lengths and without staple waste. For paper stacks of 100 sheets and more we offer Etona Heavy Duty Staplers including Etona E-100, E-160, and E-260. These high capacity staplers can staple stacks of up to 260 sheets.
Booklet making becomes easy with the Etona Swivel Stapler and the Etona EC-2 stapler is ideal when unobtrusive staples are required. Contact us to purchase staplers, spare parts and refills.


Easy Stapling – No Jamming – No Staple Waste

The EC-3 Cassette Stapler has a stapling capacity between 2 and 80 sheets, and a very economical use of staples that are supplied in color coded cartridges.

    • High capacity stapler: four staple lengths with max capacity of 20, 40, 55, 80 sheets *
    • Always find the right staple length: color coded cassettes indicate the correct staple size for each paper stack
    • No staple waste: pre-loaded staple cartridges make loading and unloading quick and easy, without broken staple strips and pieces, keeping leftover staples inside the cartridge for future use
    • Easy to use: with a solid base the EC-3 stays in place and its handle is easy to push down, even when stapling 80 sheets *
    • * Number of sheets are indicated for 80gr paper. The actual number of sheets may vary, depending on the weight of your paper.

As seen in…
Copy & Mail Centers, Law Offices, Accounting Firms, Real Estate Agencies etc.


Etona Cassette Refills

  • 5 cassettes, each with 210 pre-loaded staples, per box
  • stapling without broken staple strips or bits and pieces
  • color coded for easy staple selection
  • Blue HDC-6 for 2-20 sheets
  • Yellow HDC-8 for 20-40 sheets
  • Green HDC-10 for 40-55 sheets
  • Red HDC-12 for 55-80 sheets


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With Etona Heavy Duty Staplers you can easily fasten paper stacks of up to 260 sheets. These staplers are compact in size, lightweight and easy to transport. Available for three different stapling capacities, each model is clearly marked to help you select the right staple size for your paper stack.


  • Stapling capacity up to 100 sheets
  • Adjustable paper guide up to 73mm
  • Jam-proof mechanism for continued use
  • Uses REGUR® 23/6-23/13mm staples


  • Stapling capacity up to 160 sheets
  • Adjustable paper guide up to 53mm
  • Jam-proof mechanism for continued use
  • Uses REGUR® 23/6-23/17mm staples


  • Stapling capacity up to 260 sheets
  • Adjustable paper guide up to 64mm
  • Jam-proof mechanism for continued use
  • Uses REGUR® 23/6-23/24mm staples


REGUR® 23-type Staples for Etona Heavy Duty Staplers: E-100, E-160, E-260

Available in boxes of 1,000 staples:

23/66 mm = 1/4″23/88 mm = 5/16″
23/1010 mm = 3/8″23/1212 mm = 1/2″
23/1515 mm = 19/32″23/1717 mm = 21/32″
23/2020 mm = 3/4″”23/2424 mm = 15/16″

Staple Pushers

Replacement staple pushers are available for Etona E-100, E-160, E-260.


Wherever you have the need for unobtrusive staples, the EC-2 Cartridge Stapler is your ideal office tool for up to 30 sheets of paper. Its narrow staples can be stapled, but also pinned for when you need to temporarily bind documents or other items, even cloth or clothing, for easy removal.

The Swivel-210 Stapler features a swivel head that swivels 360 degrees and as such allows you to staple from a multitude of angles, including diagonally, making it the ideal stapler for making brochures, boxes and to use with arts and crafts. Aside from stapling and pinning, this stapler can also be used for tacking e.g. to bulletin boards.


Cartridge Stapler

  • Stapling Capacity: 2-30 sheets
  • 210 staples per cartridge
  • Allows for unobtrusive stapling and pinning
  • Staples available in silver, red, green, blue, yellow, pink



  • Stapling Capacity: 2-24 sheets
  • Stapler head swivels 360 degrees
  • Allows for stapling, pinning and tacking
  • Allows stapling from 12 different angles
  • Ideal for stapling brochures, boxes and arts & crafts



Saddle Hook Stapler

Saddle Stitching, Loop Stapling and Heavy Duty Stapling with just ONE Stapler. With the REGUR® RingKing you can easily file any folded materials, such as catalogs, booklets, brochures etc. simply by inserting two looped staples to fit your ring binder. No more hole-punching that cuts out important information or buying expensive binder pouches that prohibit easy access to the information you are looking for.

Everything remains legible and can be viewed without having to remove it from your binder. By using standard flat staples, this 3-in-1-Stapler can also be used for saddle stitching your own booklets, calendars, photo books and more, and for light to heavy duty stapling stacks up to 50 sheets of paper.


Paper Punches

No matter what specialty binder you work with, we manufacture a hole punch just for you! Whether it is a Personal Organizer, Airway Manual Binder, Art Portfolio Presentation Books or simply your country’s standard size multi-ring binder, we provide customized hole punches available in three different models.

With incompatible filing systems, binders and personal organizers it is difficult to transfer and integrate papers to stay organized. But with a paper punch for every ring configuration imaginable, and four different designs, the REGUR® Holix Paper Punches offer you mobility, capacity and adjustability!



Our company is the U.S. liaison and fulfillment partner for several international manufacturers without presence in North America, and we are committed to helping you locate difficult to find replacement parts and refills that can be shipped from the United States. Some of the products we provide are the Etona EC-3 Cassette Staplers, Refills, and Spare Parts, including Etona HDC Cassettes and Cartridges for easy swapping between different staple lengths without incurring staple waste. For high capacity stapling up to 260 sheets of paper we offer Etona Heavy Duty Staplers including Etona E-100, E-160, and E-260, and if you are in search of booklet making supplies, you will find your solution in both the Etona Swivel Stapler as well as the REGUR® RingKing Saddle Hook StaplerContact us to purchase staplers, spare parts and refills.